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Is Emma Watson Dating ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Star Tom Felton? The Fans Think So

Draco and Hermione, Emma and Tom these two stars have known each other since childhood when they were first starred in the very famous Harry Potter series, the two had a common dislike for each other on-screen but as of off-screen the two have been great friends, and only recently they hit the internet with some dating rumors, well to be clear they are great friends and do love to spend a lot of their time together, there are various pictures of Emma on Tom’s Instagram account as he also has a liking for photography, these two have seen taking various vacations together we cannot move past that they are just friends.

Tom recently posted a picture of Emma with a guitar along with Tom, he captioned the picture as “Quick learner x” this picture is front South Africa apparently another trip of them!

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Quick learner x

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Fans were quick to notice and comment, they are one hundred percent sure that there is something going on between the two its been almost 9 months since the first rumor of them dating hit and it’s still highly debatable, but Emma has also talked about Tom referring him as a good friend.

Fans took to Instagram as well as twitter to show the excitement they have for Tom and Emma dating, one of the fans posted ‘If Emma Watson and Tom Felton are actually together, I’ll die of happiness’, another one commented saying ‘Just so you know, the little fangirl part in me just hyperventilated thanks to you guys’.

We really hope they do come out to talk about their relationship and put the record straight in front of their fans!


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