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Joker Is Dark And Disturbing!! Joker Movie Review NO SPOILERS!!!

On 2nd of October Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker directed by Todd Philipps released in theaters. People were very excited to see what The Hangover’s director has to offer to the DC Universe. So, let’s see what the film has to offer so you people can finally decide whether to go for the movie or not.

This movie showcases the origin story of the most infamous villain of the DC Universe, The Joker. So, the first word about the film is that it is simply a masterpiece. The story is about Arther Flec who is a flop comedian and how he completely spirals downwards and goes to a place where he cannot be rescued. We have seen many depictions of The Joker in movies earlier, the story is usually shown him falling into a chemical waste which is the reason for his skin tone and green hair. But, these days the audience wants to see a more believable story arc that this movie showcases beautifully. This movie showcases, how through social humiliation, isolation, and abuse, a man already in a mental volatile state can channelize their energy in the most unpredictable and destructive way. People who are fond of Superheroes, this movie is not for you. In earlier DC movies, whenever the Joker is portrayed, we are always told that people should not associate with this villain as he is bad, no matter how convincing his points or ideology may seem. We always have Batman to tell us that yes this guy has a lot of convincing points but he is bad and I am good. So, in the end, we always wanted Batman to win. Well, in this film we do not have anyone to tell us that Joker is bad.

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In this movie, you actually want Arther to win and throughout the movie we want that someone should help Arther, as he is spiraling downwards. Robert DeNiro although has a small role but he has portrayed that role beautifully. In the end, I would like to say that the movie is very dark and pretty much very disturbing if you like light-hearted movies. Well, I can assure you that if you watch this movie, you will not be disappointed by the acting and the storyline. I will not be surprised if this movie lands an Oscar as Joaquin Phoenix deserves the best actor award for this film.

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