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Captain Marvel Will Shortly Carry On Captain America’s Role In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

As Marvel Studios’ initial struggle with a female lead, Captain Marvel delivered under extreme inspection and with a ton of force weighing it down. And though it’s far away from one of the pleasantest MCU films out there, holding a bit too nearly to the studio’s well-known formula, it still gave a satisfying origin story for Carol Danvers while importing her into the ever-expanding franchise, one which already owns a ton of big-name heroes.

Not to suggest that Captain Marvel went on to bring in about $1.1 billion at the box office. And though the role didn’t have enough to do in Avengers: Endgame aside from seeming in several action scenes to support the team out and rocking an attractive new hairdo, there’s still much to occur for her in the MCU. After all, we remember that Brie Larson has five movies left on her contract and not only will she be doing several more appearances, but she’ll also go on to enhance the franchise’s new Captain America.

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No, that doesn’t suggest she’ll take on the actual screen, but rather that she’ll take on a comparable role to Rogers as the MCU goes ahead. Talking to sources who informed us Jonah Hill would be in The Batman, that an Aladdin sequence was in progress and that Tom Welling would reappear in “Crisis,” all of which have since been verified. We’ve discovered that Carol Danvers will be the team head for the New Avengers, just like Rogers’ Cap grew the informal leader of the original Avengers crew. Tony may’ve been the face of the franchise and the greatest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but without uncertainty, it was Steve who managed the crew.

And so, we’re now learning that Carol will do the equivalent for the New Avengers, which will consist of herself, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Blade, Shang-Chi, Jane Foster’s Thor & more. Features on how this will all go out rest unclear, but from the vibrations of it, Marvel still has great plans for Ms. Danvers and hasn’t lost belief in Brie Larson, as those lies from a few weeks ago asserted.

Of course, they’ve yet to declare another solo movie for the heroine, but Captain Marvel 2 may be reaching our way as soon as 2022. In the meantime, fans can rest easy grasping that it sounds similar big things are on the way for Carol and given that this intel appears to us from the same references who told us the studio was taking both Black Knight and Moon Knight into the MCU well before that was delivered officially, we’ve got no cause to deny it.

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