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How Microsoft Project Xcloud Will Shape Xbox Gaming?

Microsoft is going to implement its gaming streaming service xCloud which will change the scenario of Xbox games. It is implemented away later when Playstation launched its PS Now service.

What is xcloud?

cloud is a cloud-based streaming service it implies the streaming of games without any modifications, all Xbox One games can run through the cloud and can be played on any device.

When it will launch?

The public trial will begin in the month of November (expected) and later it will be on board after testing the service.

More Data Centres

Xbox xcloud will have extended their no of data centers for latency purposes. So to provide an uninterrupted and smooth experience for the users.

Game Developers Testing

Leading game developers like Capcom and Paradox have been working on the testing of their games on the platform.

More on xcloud

Microsoft is currently working out on the servers required for xCloud, but it’s revealing today that the service has the technical capability to stream more than 3,500 games” without developers needing to make any changes to their titles.

However, it is released so late as PS Now had already grabbed the market but this could be revolutionary for Xbox.

How it will Impact Xbox Gaming?

It literally boosts the experience of Xbox over PC as PS Now was also a successful project. Likewise, Xcloud will do such amazing things that users can expect from the service. Streaming service is the future of gaming with the likes of Google Stadia and now Sony- Microsoft merger for the future consoles. This will directly influence the gaming scenario.

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