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Taskmaster Confirmed To Make An Appearance In Black Widow

Black Widow is going to be the first movie for Marvel Phase 4 and it is going to showcase the story of Natasha Romanoff, and how she became Black Widow. Recently it was confirmed that Taskmaster will be shown in Black Widow movie. So, let’s break it down.

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Taskmaster is an assassin in the Marvel comics. He is a well trained and highly motivated assassin. He is such a good fighter that once in comics, he just saw a guy once and then he was blind-folded, even after that he was able to predict every move that guy made and was able to beat him in a sword fight. We recently saw him make small appearances in the recent Spiderman game which was released on PS4. Though we have never seen him on the screen. well, the wait is finally over. Recently Russia Comic-Con 2019 happened. Over there some footage from Black Widow was shown and people were amazed by Taskmaster’s appearance. As Black Widow is a spy, it makes sense that someone would hire Taskmaster to kill her.

It is still not revealed who will be playing Taskmaster in the MCU as his face is always covered with a mask. But, pretty sure whoever it is going to be, the person would do an amazing job as fans have been dying to see the Taskmaster come to the big screen. Write down in the comments below who you think would be the perfect actor to play the role of Taskmaster

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