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18-Year-Old Teen Killed A Lawyer With A Screwdriver After He Stopped Him To Move Ahead Of A Door

A teenage murderer who killed a father to death with a screwdriver robbed from Poundland can now be identified after turning 18. 

Ewan Ireland killed lawyer Peter Duncan, 52-year-old, was attacked at a busy shopping center. The killer, whose identity could not be revealed by the sources when he was still a minor, previously had an account of violence when he carried out the assault. 

Newcastle Crown Court listened to how Mr. Duncan, an in-house solicitor for a multi-national maritime firm, was on his way to his residence and was ‘simply in the wrong place at the wrong time’. 

He intersected paths with Ewan Ireland at the entry for Newcastle’s Eldon Square shopping center. 

The lawyer raised his arm to let the teen past at the doorway but Ewan Ireland rushed into a frenzy which ended in ‘family man’ Mr. Duncan being stuck in the heart. He crumpled outside a Greggs in the shopping mall. Ewan Ireland, a law offender, was on a warrant for affray at the time. 

Ewan Ireland confessed about the murder at Newcastle Crown Court last month. Lawyer and a Devoted dad Peter Duncan was in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time.’ 

He declared guilty last month to the killing but as he was still just 17-year-old his status could not be published. Now that Ewan Ireland has become a grown-up, section 45 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 no longer implements. 

At a previous hearing, prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw said, Mr Duncan and teenager came into proximity with each other by coincidence when they were wandering in opposite directions. Kevin Wardlaw said, ‘The deceased raised his arm to let the defendant get past. ‘It is captured on CCTV footage’. He further added ‘The defendant took exception to that, took hold of the deceased and a struggle ensued.’ 

Mr. Duncan’s family members stated in a statement after his death: ‘Peter was a kind and caring man who was always first to help others. ‘He was a devoted father, husband, son, uncle, brother, and friend and admired by all who knew him. ‘His death will leave such a huge gap in our lives and he’ll be deeply missed by us all. ‘Words can’t quite express what life will be like without him. ‘He had so much of his life left to live and he’ll be in our minds and thoughts every day.’

 Ewan Ireland will be judged in December after psychiatric reports are developed. He is currently detained and taken into custody.

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