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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie! Will We See Mr. Walter White Returning On The Big Screen? Exclusive Details Inside

Its been over six years after we last learned from our beloved methamphetamine cooks, but closure seems to be on the way as the “Breaking Bad” movie is set to catch streaming bulk Netflix on October 11th.

Aptly titled “El Camino”, the scheme was first introduced to the public on August 24th with a trailer that, while just a minute in length, provided fans just sufficient of a taste to trigger their desire for more.

In real Vince Gilligan style, the first trailer shows us everything we need to grasp without disclosing much information at all, as it gives a quick look at a police investigation with Skinny Pete, a previous dealer, and a fellow of Jesse Pinkman. Pete, the alone voice in the trailer, affirms that the movie will obey Pinkman’s life after leaving his neo-nazi captors with the police hot on his feet.

No return of Walter White is executed, and fans are left questioning if Heisenberg himself will give an appearance after he was last viewed bleeding out on the floor in the show finale while Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” worked in the background.

The buzzing around the internet has scorned many theories and predictions, and sportsbook oddsmakers have brought it upon themselves to let bettors wager on the likelihood of secure outcomes.

In a new conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Bob Odenkirk was questioned about his embroilment with the project and whether his role Saul Goodman was set to make an impression. His reply made it evident that he was close with both the project and its novel but alluded to the point that he was not actively connected.

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While Odenkirk only describes as a prosecutor on the screen, oddsmakers insinuate he is putting on his most excellent lawyer face to use in this discussion, as bettors can take him at -500 to make an impression at any point in the film. As for Saul sitting this one on the sideline, a $100 bet would net you a cool $300 should the Golden Globe-nominated star remain away from the picture.

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