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In the Tall Grass on Netflix Carries More Twists And Turns Then Viewers Care To Follow

Netflix has unleashed fresh horror-thriller this Halloween season, In the Tall Grass, a movie conversion of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s novel. I was pretty thrilled about this one and watched it the nighttime it premiered on the streaming bulk.

Gerald’s Game, also from King, is one of my beloved horror films on Netflix, so I couldn’t wait to see another section based on King’s performance.

Regrettably, despite Patrick Wilson’s best attempts, the film falls flat and loses the attention of viewers about midday through. If you haven’t viewed the film, please perceive there are no spoilers ahead! This is a trustworthy review.

In the Tall Grass follows siblings Becky (Laysla De Oliveira) and Cal (Avery Whitted) moving to San Diego who halts for a quick break next to a big field with immense grass coating the ground as far as the eye can see. When they listen to a young boy (Tobin, portrayed by Will Buie Jr.) scream for help from within the grass declaring he is lost, they select to go in to help him. Tobin isn’t singly in the grass, though, so are his progenitors and Travis (Harrison Gilbertson), Becky’s ex-boyfriend.

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It doesn’t get long at all ere Becky and Cal realizes there is something off on the field and nothing makes reason. Regrettably, not much makes discernment to viewers, either. And, unlike most secrets, we’re not very excited about getting to the bottom of this case.

Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring suffrage) is no outsider to the horror genre, I’d even claim he is one of the best in the game. His appearance is extremely eerie and powerful in this film. In fact, all of his scenes are the most excellent things In the Tall Grass has to offer. It’s too bad there’s not much Wilson can do to help with the story. Also, this isn’t to say the rest of the characters isn’t great, they really are. But, again, it’s the story that fails these stars and their skill. It simply wasn’t done properly.

Just like how Gretchen Wieners’ (Mean Girls) hair is so long because it’s ample of mysteries, the tall grass has numerous secrets its hiding from its various victims. However, unlike Gretchen, the grass isn’t almost as exciting for viewers to care about. Midday through the film, we’re just wishing the film would hurry and cover-up and it’s just a 90-minute long film.

 If you’d like to get fallen in In the Tall Grass (really and figuratively), be my guest. The film is now flowing on Netflix.

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