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Lost In Space Season 2! Netflix Reveals Official Release Date And Trailer For The Most Awaited Sci-Fi

The Robinsons are yet in space and Netflix now verified they will be seeking for the Alpha Centauri star system for a second season. The only inquiry is, “where is Robot?”.

Netflix has shared a trailer for season 2 of one of the most utmost Googled series of 2018, Lost in Space. The trailer highlights a search for Will Robinson’s Robot, impressive space landscapes, an encouragement for the Robinson family to “go through the looking glass,” the still crude Dr. Smith (Parker Posey), and a possibly deadly battle with a snarling alien. It seems like space is about to get much more serious. The trailer ends with Robot being in some sort of desert wasteland, which Robot earlier warned that there was a threat.

So far, fans are responding with much enthusiasm that the show is turning after an almost two-year gap.

“Finally! I was so sad when there wasn’t a season two but now everyone in my family will hear the news from me. Hell yeah, I love this show hopefully it’s as good or even better than the first season,” told Lizet Camarena on YouTube.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, several fans took to the gorgeous cinematography and specific outcomes in the trailer and the series itself.

In addition to showing the trailer, Netflix has affirmed that the highly awaited second season of the show will be ready for streaming on Christmas this year. Could this be an effort to fill the void for Doctor Who’s sci-fi fans, who will be remaining for the New Year’s special? Whatever sci-fi enthusiasts choose to watch for their holiday binge session, it’s expected to feature powerful female leads, given Lost in Space’s first season centering on very able women, and the highly thriving first female Doctor.
It’s about as if the future is female.
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