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Man Stabbed to Death By Estranged Wife!

A man named Keith Jones of Holly Springs is dead as his wife’s family said she stabbed him to death.

“She said, ‘mama help me, he’s breaking in. He’s breaking in. He’s trying to kill me.’ I said, ‘Shaundra, please, please, please help yourself. Help yourself.’”

The words from her mother worried as she said that she was going to listen to her daughter be killed.

Sarah Mays told that her daughter called her around 4:30 Sunday morning, saying her estranged husband followed her home and was forcing his way into the apartment.

Next thing you know, she got back on the phone and said, ‘mama I done stabbed him. I done stabbed him.’”

When Holly Springs Police got to the scene, Keith Jones was dead. Lashaundra Jones was taken to the Police Department.

“It took this right here for my daughter to get help,” Mays said bawling.

HSPD is calling the death a homicide.

Police Chief Dwight Harris told FOX13 they “are still putting the pieces together.” Adding, “there are no charges at this time.”

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