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Miley Cyrus And Kaitlynn Carter Almost Got Married Before They Split-Up! Source Reveals Exclusive Information

Miley Cyrus recently broke up with Kaitlynn Carter, as their relationship of two months progressed too quickly.

The singer, 26, has not been prepared, weeks after the announcement of her eight-month divorce from her husband actor Liam Hemsworth, 29, to enter into a relationship with the Hills star.

Despite the recent rumors, the Wrecking Ball singer already took a budding romance with his 22-year-old fellow singer Cody Simpson, as the two kissed at a breakfast earlier this week.

On the breakdown of her relationship with Kaitlynn a source said: “Miley’s decision to rupture things after a 2-month whirlwind romance was not a trick or a fight.”

The insider added that the pair “went like a house on fire” and even mentioned marriage prospects.

The Tennessee kid recently blasts ‘slut shamers’ in a long, emotional statement following her latest kiss with singer Cody.

Miley took Instagram to stay up for herself after putting an amorous display with singer Cody, who had previously dated Gigi Hadid.

The singer first started her post by showing Cody on her website with an unbeatable snap.

He added a gushing checklist, which listed the qualifications of the hunk: his age, Australian citizenship (which she said was ‘my type’) and ‘abs.’

The heartfelt declaration was: “I know the public feels interested in my previous relationship[ with ex Liam] because they felt as if they had seen it from the start.’

“I think that’s why people have always felt so entitled to my life and how I live it because they watched me grow up,” said Miley, “but I’ve grown up now and make decisions as adults that know the truth, the facts, and the reality. They know only what they see on the Internet.”

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