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Mr. Robot Season 4: 5 Things To Know Before Watching The Final Season

In just a few days, Mr. Robot’s fourth and final season is due to hit screens. Like many in the cybersecurity world, I waited far too long for this moment. While Elliot’s story resembles others, it was praised for its use of practical accomplishments thanks to a strong team of cybersecurity consultants led by creator Sam Esmail.

Mr. Robot has been granted a reported release date and a teaser over the last few months. The first series will be broadcast on the USA Network this Sunday 6 October and in the UK. On Amazon Prime a day later.

#1. Mr. Robot’s Last Season Is Longer Than Previous Seasons

Mr. Robot’s Season 1 blew people away. The simple and intentional references to Fight Club made a spectacular finale when the audience was in love with Elliot, the sweet but unpredictable hacker played by Emmy winner Rami Malek. In Season 2 on the other hand, Elliot caught the difference between fantasy and reality.

The third season: I assume that Elliot distanced himself from Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) and fought morality all over.

Season 4 will be filmed during the 2015 Christmas holidays and according to the IMDB, it will be 13 episodes longer than other seasons. Sam Esmail said: “It’s a bit longer than the regular ten-episode season. It was interesting for us to do this because it really was the story that told us when it was time to finish it.”

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#2. Elliot’s Self-Reckoning Is Going To Continue

According to Esmail, the ethics of Mr. Robot’s hacker character Elliot is put to the test in “unique and dark ways.” The topic of reconciliation will also be addressed at the end of the last season in the fourth season.

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In the meantime, Elliot and Mr. Robot will deepen their friendship in the fourth season. In his interview, Esmail pointed out that while season 3 was a major theme, integration would be the fourth.

#3. Elliot And Whiterose Will Have It

The final showdown between Elliot and Whiterose (BD Wong) will take place in season 4. Esmail told that “Elliott will go after her and her underground band” following the reversal by Elliot of the 5/9 hack at season 3.”

He said, “Clearly, from the start, the whole show was designed to take down these kinds of puppet masters, but in the course, there was a kind of foggy about who that is and who pulls the strings actually. And now at the end of season 3 and in season 4, we’re crystallizing everything with Whiterose. And, yeah, the order wasn’t simpler than it was this season that the ultimate goal is Whiterose.”

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#4. Elliot Covers His Laptop Camera

In an interview with the star, Rami clarified that placing a piece of tape on the camera of your laptop is “totally necessary.” He then said that Elliot’s computer is protected “if you look closely.”

#5. Quite Accurate Hacking Portrait

We know it’s a great series, but how detailed is it? Avast tried to reply by watching each episode of its security expert and answering some questions concerning Elliot’s hacking methods. He concluded that some of the show’s elements were practicable.

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