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New York Man Arrested For Killing Four Homeless Men Using Metal Pipe

New York police have accused a guy with the crime for using a metal pipe to beat four homeless men to death while they were sleeping in the city’s Chinatown district, officials stated on Sunday.

Randy Santos, 24-year-old, was charged with 4 counts of murder, one count of attempted homicide and one count of illegal possession of marijuana, told Martin Brown, New York City Police Department representative.

Randy Santos was taken into confinement on Saturday after police deputies responded to a report of an assault and found the bodies of four victims in Manhattan’s Chinatown area.

Randy’s mother, Fioraliza Rodriguez, told the sources that she had kicked her son out of her home 3 years ago because Randy was addicted to drugs, attacked her and his grandfather and stole some items from the family.

I never thought he would kill someone,” Fioraliza Rodriguez stated in a statement to sources. “I was afraid of him, though, because he punched me. That’s when I told him to get out of my house.

Michael Baldassano, from the police department, South Manhattan, told journalists on Saturday that the victims had resembled to be sleeping and a fifth victim was taken in the hospital. The health of the fifth victim was not publicized on Sunday.

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