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‘The Walking Dead’ Alum Lauren Cohan Teases Maggie’s Unfinished Chapter With Nogan! Is She Returning Anytime Soon

Lauren Cohan plotting to come back in The Walking Dead season 10 as a role of Maggie Rhee, and the actress is serving on her role’s unfinished business with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, according to a source.

As the spectators already knew that Negan is liable for the passing of Maggie’s husband. If we talk about Glenn so this character played by Steven Yeun. According to a source, after the program’s time jump, it was exposed that Maggie had left Alexandria.

While Season 9 was running, Cohan just arrived in some of the scenes. Although, the star is precisely coming back for Season 10 and Season 11 in series, and it seems like her role might not be completely equipped to pardon her husband’s assassin just though. When questioned about how Maggie will answer to discerning Negan encore, the star stated that you would get to know soon.

“Just like in life, it might be one of those things she doesn’t know until she faces it,” Cohan told. A source shows, “She definitely decided not to kill him on that day when Michonne discouraged her. She did go that way.”

In the previous season of ‘The Walking Dead,’ we saw that Maggie faced Negan with the plan to assassinate him when he was incarcerated by then-Alexandria leader Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln. Negan urged Maggie to stop his misery, but she finally left him in his jail block before informing him he was “already worse than dead.”

Although, around 6 years later, Negan has been an endeavor to explain to the rest of the posterity that he has changed from his faithless actions and that he’s ready to be a team athlete. He has also created a beautiful bond with Rick’s adopted girl Judith, acted by Cailey Fleming.

The pair are usually observed sharing fantasies with each other and bonding over Judith’s homework. While the last episode of Season 9, Negan stopped to redeeming Judith’s life in a treacherous snowstorm, which made him a little mercy from the whole group.

“We saw at the end of last season that he had earned a little bit of trust,” showrunner Angela Kang revealed in a report. “So, when we start off this year, we’ll see that he’s almost a part of the future that is kind of like what Carl had envisioned.”

If we talk about when it will release, so Season 10 of The Walking Dead openings on AMC on October 6.

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