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WhatsApp Has A New Updated For It’s iPhone And Android Users. Details Inside

Dark Mode seems to be an important feature for all the major apps, including Gmail, Google Chrome and Facebook Messenger. The next-in-line app to have the feature might be WhatsApp, with Dark Mode appearing on the messaging platform in the coming months.

There have been some unofficial UI leaks of the new dark ‘battery saving’ mode but the official launch of one of the most sought after a feature has not been revealed yet. If you are an Android user, you need to be running the Android Q beta on your device. On the opposite side, iOS users require to be on updated iOS 11

We also apprehend that is accomplishing on improving a bunch of other points such as the Hide Muted Status modernizes feature that would totally hide the muted statues as objected to conferring them in grey supporting a separate sub-section in the Status tab, which would significantly help users adjust stickers, emojis etc on photos, videos and GIFs properly. But the most exciting story that has shaped ripples amongst the WhatsApp users is the disappearing messages feature.

For those of y’all who were not sure what this characteristic would do, here is a brief. WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature would permit users to fix a time deadline after which the message that they have wished would die leaving no evidence of its occurrence.

This feature is comparable to the social messaging app Telegram’s Secret Chat feature where all the forwarded messages come with a self-destruct timer. Once the recipient has understood the message the timer will start and the message will get eliminated from the sender and the recipient’s inbox.

Dark Mode feature is the most expected feature and users can’t remain pause to have it. This feature is already accessible on other messaging programs and WhatsApp should ought it immediately.

How to approve WhatsApp dark mode on Android

Android users need to be running the latest beta version of Android Q or Android 10. Android Q comes with a native dark mode. Follow these steps to approve WhatsApp dark mode on:

  • Go over to your Settings > then tap Display > hit the Select theme >then Dark
  • Once the dark mode feature is turned on, go to your Settings  then hit About phone
  • After that scroll down to find ‘Build number’ and hit on it seven times
  • You will notice a message saying ‘Developers options is turned on’. Tap on ‘Override force-dark’ to apply the dark theme to other apps
  • The dark theme is now approved on WhatsApp.

How to allow WhatsApp dark mode on iOS

iOS users have a couple of ways to achieve dark mode, however, one of the methods asks you to jailbreak the device, therefore, we’ll include a more uncomplicated way. iOS 11 had launched a “Smart Invert” feature that changes the colors of the iPhone’s display. The converses page does not switch and hence here too you’ll require to use a dark image as wallpaper.

  • Go to Settings then on General after that hit Accessibility and tap on Display Accommodations click on Invert Colours then Smart Invert.
  • You have momentarily allowed dark theme over all the apps in your device
  •  Like Android, you will have to pick dark or no wallpaper for WhatsApp chat threads.  Go to WhatsApp Settings then Wallpaper and tap None you are done now.

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