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8-Year-Old Kid Ended His Life Due To Abuse And Torture By His Parents, Ukraine

A young kid from Ukraine has ended his life as an outcome of endless abuse by his parents. The 8-year-old boy reportedly plunged off a 9th-floor apartment to death on Friday, August 23.

The 8-year-old boy Anton got back from his school to his residence in Enerhodar, Southern Ukrainian, and end his life. He plunged off because he was used to be beaten by his parents after returning home from school. The neighbor reported that they had heard the sounds and screaming moments before the death of the kid.

A neighbor named Zhanna, who lived downstairs, reacted first to the occurrence. Zhanna is one who dialed the ambulance and the police. She also stated that a moment later, she heard a frightful loud thud noise, and when she glanced out of the window, the kid was on the ground.

Forensic and Paramedics reached the spot, reported that the kid had his head hit first on the ground and died on the spot.

Currently, Parents have abandoned the apartment and have fled away. Police have landed a charge against them for domestic abuse.

If they are proven guilty, then they might have to serve 5 years in prison. The officials are in efforts to trace down the suspected parents.
A psychologist Zoya Pershyna, stated that the kid used to visit her for some counseling. However, she never imagined that a young kid like Anton would take such a terrible step.

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