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A 53-year-old Wife Murdered Her Husband With Her Lover ‘Who Denied To Give Divorce To Her’

Paul Cannon, 54, and Angela Taylor, 53, are suspects of killing her husband, William Taylor. Mr. Taylor was last seen at his residence of Harkness Hall in Gosmore, Hertfordshire, on June 3 last year, some days before his 70th birthday.

The farmer was missing for 8 months before a local resident found his body in a river in February this year. Cannon and Taylor, both of Hitchin, Hertfordshire dismiss murder, torching and attempt to murder.

Paul Cannon explained St Albans Crown Court: “We got off on that sort of stuff. Violence, that was our fantasy world, it has no boundaries. You can do whatever you want in a fantasy.”

Paul said that their violent transfers gave Taylor some respite from the grief in her relationship with Mr. Taylor.

Paul Cannon continued: “She could open a tap and let her stress out.

The panel of judges at St Albans Crown Court had earlier heard that the couple had a “bitter, pervasive hatred” of Mr. Taylor, who was declining to allow a divorce.

Prosecutor, John Price QC, said the pair saw Mr. Taylor as “a thorn in your sides.

John said: “You invite the jury to conclude that the two of you were trying to become physically aroused by the messages.

The court earlier heard Mr. Taylor met her partner in 1992, and the duo married in 1997 and had 3 kids together.

Some days before he went disappeared, Mr. Taylor’s Land Rover was grievously destroyed by fire after a diesel-soaked towel was set alight inside the car.

Wife, 53, ‘who murdered husband, 69, with her lover “got off on fantasy world of physical attraction and violence”‘

A Wife 53-year-old Murdered Her Husband With Her Lover

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