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Duet lets you Turn your Android device into second screen for PCs or Macs.

Duet Display — once the best app for turning an iPad or iPhone into a portable touchscreen display for Macs or PCs — is now available on Android phones and tablets. To run, you have to connect the available Duet Display client on your Mac (macOS 10.14.2 or later) or Windows 10 PC and then unite to your Android device over a wired or wireless connection.

Duet Display launched, its the primary app to give a valid no-lag iPad-as-subsequent-display adventure. Now, rather than getting “Sherlocked” by Apple’s Sidecar trait appearing in macOS Catalina, Duet is bringing its wares to the most fixed-mobile OS on the planet.

Best known for turning iPads and iPhones into portable touchscreen display Macs and PCs, Duet Display is now available for Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. This means that you can use your Android device’s touchscreen display to navigate your PC or Mac via a wired or wireless connection – with zero lag.

To get started, you’ll need to download the free Duet desktop app to your Mac or Windows PC and install the app on the Play Store to your Android phone, tablet or Chromebook. Then, open up the app on your Android device or Chromebook and the desktop top app will automatically detect the device you wish to connect. You’ll now be able to interact with your Mac or PC with touch and gestures, including two-finger scrolling, pan, and zoom.

Android users can expect Duet Display to perform similarly to the iOS version, but it won’t be exactly the same on day one. “Performance is now very imminent linked to iOS,” said Duet CEO and founder Rahul Dewan in an email interchange with The Verge. “Given that our iOS product has five years of work in it, we assume them to be fair as we proceed advancing Android and find new optimizations.”

As to Apple’s Sidecar, Duet isn’t launching in the towel just yet. “Sidecar is a complimentary product advanced for random users,” said Dewan, “and we have multiple features they don’t. So even on newer iPads, the serious professionals who want to use the product every day and integrate it into their workflow will likely prefer the performance & customizability of Duet

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