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Here’s What Happened In CW’s All American Season Premiere

Now that Spencer James has an official championship win in his hand, you probably would expect him to travel for weeks on the top of this football game, right?

Okay, the first All American Season 2 had other intentions for Spencer, instantly crushing the buzz of the last win of Beverly High. Recapture the activities of the sophomore debut on Monday:

A big cliffhanger finished the CW series with its first season: Who is the real father of Spencer’s younger brother, Dillon? Is it Corey, Spencer’s dad— or is it Billy Baker who had a brief affair with Spencer’s mum years ago? As Corey and Grace eventually get some time alone to think about it, Grace confesses she doesn’t know who the real dad is.

She was always scared to discuss this issue after her Billy affair, and after Corey bailed the family for eight years, she felt he was incapable of a response. Corey’s a little insulted, but Grace maintains that her children, not his, are Spencer and Dillon, and asks him to leave.

Even when Grace and Corey’s tempers have cooled down, they try to talk about Dillon’s paternity again–and Corey argues that they should leave them well enough alone when Grace decides to get a test done. Once Corey assumed that Grace had learned who the father of Dillon is, the knowledge seemed to be needed, and he doesn’t think it would do any good to learn the truth since he knows that she’s in the dark.

Corey loves Dillon irrespective of their blood relationship, and Dillon remains blissfully ignorant that his organic father has returned to his life. Why do you worry about that? Grace agrees, and this story seems to be a good conclusion.

But it’s not, of course. Even though Dillon’s paternity still remains an important issue, the series introduces another enigmatic family business: At the end of the episode, Corey goes to the bus station and hires a young man, who is strapping and has nothing to do with Corey. “How was your Nevada ride?”Corey asks. “Big,” answers the anonymous visitor. “Thank you, Dad, for persuading Mom to let me stay with you.” We share a warm hug — and I have a lot of questions.

Spencer continues to accept his father’s offer to play football in South Crenshaw during American Season 2. It seems like a no-brainer at first: How can he miss the chance to get home and play for his father? Yet Spencer spends the episode on this option. Secondly, he’d let the Beverly High team down just as they’re hyped on the idea of winning state championships back-to-back.

Then comes Rochelle Moseley, a recent Beverly graduate and ambitious female sports manager, played by Ambitions’ Kayla Smith. Even Rochelle has a Very Important Uncle, one of the most prominent football team boosters, who really wants to meet Spencer with his uncle and build a strong friendship with him. Yet Layla points out that Spencer will now become a star of Beverly High, after winning the championship, and that he seems even more unwilling to return to Crenshaw. At the end of the hour, he sends his father a text, urging Corey to take a decision.

Coach Baker is not in a great place in the aftermath of his divorce from Laura. He’s still living in Crenshaw (although his uncle, whom he had crashed with, has apparently moved to Florida), he spends most of the nights at the local bar and continues to ask Grace James to ride back home if he’s too intoxicated to drive. Also, recall the resignation letter that Billy left behind during Season 1 finale?

Olivia turned out to be swiping it from his chair on the night of the game of the championship. He also wrote a persuasive letter to the Beverly High Manager, in which he said Billy was asking for longer holidays. In other words, at Beverly, nobody realizes that Billy has bailed — and Spencer is upset that Billy was just going to take off without a discussion with the football team he left behind. And he’s not the only one frustrated: later Olivia approaches her dad and tearfully begs him not to give up so easily on his friends.

Spencer moved permanently to Crenshaw to give the Baker family its house, despite everything they’re going through. He also drives to Beverly Hills each day, but legally he no longer lives on the correct zip code for the district–and Spencer receives from Rochelle that Beverly High has heard about it. Yes, the school plans to make a random visit to the Bakers ‘ House soon to search for Spencer to stay. Finding out that he is living again in Crenshaw could jeopardize his entire football career–including the title of his championship.

Spencer feels anxious and disappointed to ask the bakers to allow him to stay with them again. Nonetheless, Grace eventually deals with the situation in her own way: she visits the House of Baker and speaks with Laura directly. She sincerely apologizes for her relationship with Billy and for the effect it had on the family of Laura. At first, Laura seems to deny the explanation. But she really needed some time to think.

A few hours later, Laura drops by Spencer’s house and tells him he can live with the Bakers anytime; after all, the fallout from Grace and Billy’s affair has nothing to do with Spencer, so why should he suffer? Visibly happy, Spencer takes Laura on her proposal and transfers that night back to Baker House.

Despite her championship breakdown, Layla tries to convince Olivia that she’s all right. Her dad is back in Beverly Hills, Layla says, and the two have spent so much time house-hunting that these last few weeks they haven’t had time for friends or Spencer. Olivia doesn’t believe it, of course— and her suspicions are wrong. As we learn later, Layla’s father was in Japan this whole time, and Layla stays in a lonely hotel room by herself.

When Tyrone was convicted, Coop became a pariah on the streets of the town of Crenshaw; even her former friends now deem her a snitch and one morning she arrived in her locker to find a disturbing death threat written on her.

Coop tries to put it off, but girlfriend Patience is spoken — and it turns out that she and Coop will get cornered by a band of gang members after a candlelight vigil for late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Luckily, Coop’s friend Preach — who ordered Coop to “keep your miserable butt from me” previously — appears at the second and breaks the fight and asks the men to leave Coop alone for good.

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