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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Screenings Have Been Cancelled In Huntington, California! Here’s Why

Joaquin Phoenix’s iconic Joker film talks of the city as its trailer is released, and it doesn’t seem to stop after the movie has finished. The exciting scenes in the film are heroically vulnerable to violence by Joker, the notorious villain of Batman’s DC.

The movie, as iconic, has attracted several controversies that seem to renew themselves. In California, there was a fresh, dramatic twist in the screening of Phoenix starrer Joker.

In Huntington Beach, California, a movie theatre, after a “great” danger had been reported to the local cops, had to cancel Joker’s screenings. Reports published on the issue which said that a “credible” threat was identified as verified by the police department.

After the report police stopped screenings at the beach of Century Huntington and the cops were present at the location. The police did not reveal the nature of the threat or its source but indicated that the danger was in reaction to DC’s violent movie.

The screening of the film was resumed on Friday at Century Theatres, in Huntington, and no such incident has taken place since then. But the cops promised they could patrol the theater until the buzz fell.

The police issued a statement saying, “We’re working together with the theater management and mall security to provide the public with a safe environment. This incident is being investigated and no additional details will be given.”

Joker is about a comedian named Arthur Fleck, who is fed up with society and who gives abuse and crime due to his mental health problems. The film’s message is definitely dangerous, and that is why it raises some concerns. The film is considered by film critics as a masterpiece and eligible for the Oscars.

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