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Sony Releases Official Spider-Man’s ‘Night Monkey’ Trailer After Ending Things With ‘MCU’

Sony released a ‘Night Monkey ‘ trailer that builds a big scene. Sony has made some dumb choices for Spider-Man since the split of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney.

Sony Pictures released a new trailer that isn’t really a ‘new trailer’ but a “Spider-Man: Far From Home” parody or alternate trailer. Peter Parker’s alter-ego, the Night Monkey, will be portrayed in a trailer.

The title ‘The Night Monkey’ was offered by Ned, Parker’s best friend, as he tried to avoid suspicion. In the video, we see Tom Holland as Peter Parker wears the expression, “As night falls, a new hero rises. The night is the monkey’s.”

After the release of Captain America: Civil War, a quick deal was reached between the MCU and Sony that allowed the Webbed superhero to enter the MCU. Marvel will co-produce the standalone film with Sony.

Two major companies, Marvel and Sony, ended things in August after the latter struggled to come to an agreement with Marvel’s parent company Disney regarding the future of the film franchise Spider-Man.

To the dismay of many Marvel fans, they both don’t plan to meet in the near future. Sony’s President Tony Vinciquerra acknowledged that the gate is locked with the slim hope that Spider-Man will enter MCU.

After a controversial break, the trailer arrived and stunned the fans. The jokes started to shuffle that Marvel should include Night Monkey because Sony had already taken Spider Man’s rights.

Let’s see what’s going on between MCU and SONY. Do you believe they ought to make a new film called Night Monkey?

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