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Twelve Year Old Kid Survives After He Got Dragged And Hit By His School Bus, North Carolina

A twelve-year-old boy in North Carolina was dragged and struck by his school bus after his school bag got caught in its doors and left him in the path of an oncoming tire.

Zion Baker, 12, told journalists that he was getting off from the West Pine Middle School bus in Taylortown when the doors of the school bus closed around his school bag and the driver took off. Baker states he was briefly dragged, but he freed himself and fell onto the road, where his left forearm was run over by the bus and it got multiple fractured.

Zion Baker’s mother Sarena Thomas told Sources that her son was only on the bus because his cross country training was canceled due to high heat.

Sources report Kim Crawford, 43-year-old driver, is charged with reckless driving. The school authorities say that the driver is not currently driving a bus.

Twelve Year Old Kid Get Dragged And Hit By His School Bus, Noth Carolina

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