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8-Year-Old Boy Kills Himself After Years of Abuse By His Parents

An 8-year-old boy killed himself after jumping from his flat after years of the alleged abuse by his parents.

On August 23, Anton died after getting home from school in Enerhodar, southern Ukraine.

Downstairs neighbor, Zhanna told she listened to Anton’s parents ripping his clothes and hitting him followed by silence, the sound of a child running.

She stated: ‘Several seconds passed and there was that horrific thud when a body hits the ground.’

She added, ‘I looked out of my kitchen window and saw the boy lying below. I called an ambulance and the police.’

Another neighbor said: ‘I saw the family going upstairs to their flat. Ten minutes later the boy was lying on the ground as his parents were racing downstairs in the street.’

Anton sustained horrific head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The parents agreed to beat their son and they are now being investigated.

They told that they hit him whenever he misbehaved but have now gone on the run.

His school teacher Oksana Zelenska responded: ‘The boy fell behind at school and we had to hold him back in first grade. His parents were not interested in him at all.’

His psychologist Zoya Pershyna added: ‘Anton visited me for counseling several times. I did not see it coming.’

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