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A Groom To Be Robbed A Bank To Pay For His Wedding The Next Day, Texas

A Texas resident was detained after detectives said he pulled off a bank robbery to fund his wedding the next day.

Heath Bumpous endured up his bride-to-be on Saturday, October 5, after getting locked up in the jail the prior day for robbing a bank in Groveton.

He radically declared that he was getting married tomorrow, so he didn’t have sufficient funds for a wedding ring that he wanted to buy, and he wanted to pay for the wedding venue,” Trinity County police Woody Wallace wrote on social media this Friday.

Inspectors broadcasted a picture of the robbery suspect whom they later recognized as Heath Bumpous. 

So presumably that was what the money was for, for us to pay for our marriage tomorrow,” he said.

Before Heath Bumpous was caught, Inspectors posted pictures of the bank robber on Facebook which his fiancée saw.

Heath Bumpous turned on his own in after the Friday robbery, Inspector said.

Woody Wallace said his fiancee called Heath and said she knew it was him and asked him to turn himself in.

Heath Bumpous eventually yielded to a deputy in another county, the Police said.

The robbery flattened at about 11:30 a.m. Friday at a subsidiary of Citizens State Bank, Sources report.

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