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A Woman Left Her Husband And Boyfriend Because of Abortion, As She Believe Abortion Is Better For Women

After going through from so much like broken relationships, depression and other struggles, a Toronto woman explained that her two abortions were the best option for her.

Ghanwa S., 26, revealed her story in a series of women’s abortion stories.

Ghanwa belongs from a Pakistani Muslim family, she said that she got pregnant at the age of 17 by her high school partner. She told that they got married soon, and she gave birth to a son.

Two years later, she said her husband desired a second child, but she was doubtful. She said their marriage had become “toxic,” and she was working double shifts while caring for their young son. Ghanwa told that she accepted her husband’s request and became pregnant a short time later.

She said, “Two-and-a-half months into the pregnancy, things turned. I had a decision to have an abortion or live the rest of my life as a single mom to two children. I was torn.”

She selected to have an abortion. Aborting her unborn baby influenced her a lot as mentally and emotionally both. She told that she became depressed, and also showed that she remains to struggle with mental health problems. However, she claimed the reason for her struggles was the absence of support for her abortion, not her unborn child’s death.

Ghanwa told that she left her husband and then moved in with a new boyfriend. Though she was using birth control, she told that she got pregnant anyway.

“My divorce wasn’t concluded and I was still in family court struggling over custody for my son. I was not able to bring a child into all of this,” she told.

When she brought up abortion with her boyfriend, he “freaked out,” she said. He apparently wanted their unborn child to have a chance at life, but she did not.

She responded, “With the support of my best friend, however, I followed through with the abortion. That decision led our relationship to deteriorate.”

Despite all these efforts, she said that aborting her unborn babies was the best thing to do.

She wrote, “Experiencing abortion first-hand changed my beliefs and perspective on it tremendously. It made me drop my judgment and want to educate others.”

Later, she continued: “When I opened up to my close friends about it, they couldn’t believe that I had had abortions because I am an exemplary mother — this created a dialogue that was very much needed to shift perspectives. I believe it’s important to talk about it openly so people don’t bash others or shame themselves for doing what is best for them like I did for years.”

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