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Crisis On Infinite Earth Release Date Confirmed By The Flash Season 6 Episode 1

So on the 8th of October, the first episode of The Flash Season 6 was released. I would say that the episode is a one time watch but it was great because finally, we have a release date for this year’s crossover event. So let’s break it down.

Crisis on Infinite Earth was revealed during last year’s crossover and all the events on Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of tomorrow, and The Flash have been setting this. the flash has been setting this crisis for the past 5 years and now finally this is happening. So in the final events of the episode, The Monitor arrives in the time vault. He reveals that flash does not have 5 years but only a few months left. He says that on the 10th of December 2019, the flash has to make the ultimate sacrifice to either save himself or to save the central city. And then the episode ends. So ideally the crossover should start on either 8th or 7th December. This is a 5 episode crossover in which 3 episodes will release before the hiatus break and 2 will continue after the break-in mid-January 2020. Currently, we do not know what is going on with Arrow and it is going to air its final season from next week.

The name of the next episode of the Flash is a flash of lightning. In the 30 seconds promo which was released today, it revealed that the flash travels to the future to actually see the events of the crisis and then he would take measures to prevent it. Write down in the comments below about your excitement for crisis crossover this year.

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