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Four People Drowned After Trying To Take A Selfie, Slipped In Indian Dam

Four people drowned after trying to take a selfie, they were on a family vacation to a dam in India on Sunday, according to multiple reports.

The Hindu Times reported that Newlywed V. Nivedha, 20, and her husband, 24-year-old G. Perumalsamy, were visiting relations along with his sister one month after their wedding.

The two daughters and son of the relative they have accompanied the trio on a vacation to the Pambar dam in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The group of six were holding hands and standing in waist-deep water when one slipped, dragging the remaining in, too, according to the BBC.

S. Prabhakar, a representative from the district of Krishnagiri also told that they slipped in the dam while taking a selfie.

“They wanted to take a selfie at this spot on the dam and they slipped. The water level increased while they were there,” S. Prabhakar said to CNN

According to CNN, the new bride died along with her family members Sneha, 22, Kanniga, 20, and Santosh, 14.

G. Perumalsamy survived, and he reportedly able to rescue his sister Yuvarani Perumalsamy.

Selfies have grown a more critical trend, with a 2018 study issued in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care reporting that more than 250 people died while taking selfies from October 2011 to November 2017.

A 21-year-old Oregon State University student died after she climbed a retaining wall along the Oregon Coast to capture a pic and fell nearly 100 feet, this year in May.

A man from Macau, China, in his late 50s also fell to his death while attempting to capture a photo at the Grand Canyon in March.

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