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Mom Found Her Two Kids Hanging From Basement Rafters With Chairs Tipped Over Nearby!

State police have released details on the death of an 8-year-old boy and his 4-year-old sister in Pennsylvania. Police said in a search warrant application that the mother of Conner and Brinley Snyder reported finding her children in the basement of their Berks County home.

According to police, the children’s mother returned to their Albany Township home around 4:30 p.m., finding two dining room chairs tipped over on the floor near her children’s bodies, the Morning Call of Allentown reports.

Police say the siblings were found hanging in the basement.

reports that the children were unconscious and in cardiac arrest when they were found, but medics revived them en route to the hospital.

However, on September 26, both children were removed from life support, dying within 14 minutes of each other.

Along with their mother, the two siblings lived in the home with a teenaged brother.

Medics revived the children, but they died three days later. A forensic report last week was inconclusive.

Police are continuing to investigate. No arrests have been made.

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