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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Halloween Costumes Are Trending Everywhere After His Testification Against His Former Gang Members

As Halloween arrives, you should expect to see a ton of people dressed in a recent trend topic Will you remember everyone who copies the look of Miley Cyrus on the video’ Wrecking Ball’ and her notorious VMAs during the age of Bangerz? Donald Trump’s perceptions of house parties were also negative at the time of the election.

Okay, the hashtag of the moment (or one) definitely is Tekashi6ix9ine in his ongoing trial as a serial snitch. Many have been watching his hearing reports, in which he identified a surprising number of people, from his former homes to fellow hip-hop artists. His comical readiness to talk gave rise to many jokes about him in social media, and so his name and face are the centers of the minds of all when they brainstorm Halloween costume ideas.

Tekashi looks pretty unique— rainbow hair and everything — so he’s the perfect parody to emulate. Somebody expected this surge of Snitch9ine imitators and planned to photograph for the occasion a ready-made baby suit. A fake Amazon brand was named “Lil Tattletale Baby Costume,” which was sold by FBI Toys in a hilarious manner.

While the Amazon posting was made, a child is already wearing the costume. He’s got all the necessary face and finished the snitch look with a t-shirt that says “I tell you.”

On 7 October the 50 Cent movie about 6ix9ine was announced, which will concentrate on its current high-profile legal case.

6ix9ine is currently on trial following a conviction on nine federal charges, including those related to racketeering, bribery, weapons and drug trafficking.

Since 6ix9ine in court pleaded against them in an attempt to reduce his own jail sentence, two purported Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods Gang–Anthony Ellison and Aljermiah Mack –were eventually convicted of racketeering.

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