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What! Aaron Carter Reveals Having A 12-Year-Old Son He Has Never Met Or Tried To Contact

Aaron Carter, a former pop star, has recently been making very public allegations about his parents and possible physical harassment in social media. He was also abusing alcohol, tattooing his head and moving to Canada.

The new tragedy? In his Instagram stories, Carter reported that he had a 12-year-old son that he never met.

According to Carter, the former beauty queen Hayley Eisenhardt was hooked up and she became pregnant and was unable to allow him to contact the baby. He shared this information on Instagram and said that people really don’t know him.

“Did you know I have a 12-year-old son? Bet that you didn’t know. That’s because you don’t know anything about me. How would you?”

Carter continued on Twitter speaking about the supposed case, tweeting “Ask Hayley Eisenhardt. She’s never let me meet him. Where’s my son? Hayley? I think that you should react now.”

Eisenhardt, who moved to Amsterdam but doesn’t seem to have a secret son has tweeted a very useful gift for the whole situation.

It turns out that Eisenhardt is a model and former Michigan-based pageant contestant who claimed to have met Carter in the past. Nevertheless, there is no online knowledge that a child has a secret. When the fans asked Carter whether this was the girl he spoke about, he replied “yes.”

“She’s living in Amsterdam and moved out of the US, has or has adopted my 12 years-old son. I don’t know,” he said.

*confusedly chanting* JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! … Jerry?

Eisenhardt is on Twitter where her bio said she moved to Florida, then California and now Amsterdam from Michigan. She did not answer Carter directly but sent two subtweets to the singer.

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So far, there is no new information on the supposed secret son of Carter, and Carter’s other odd comments seem to have buried the story.

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