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21-Year-Old Cheerleader Found Hanged In Her Hostel Room At Durham University, Police Says

Alexandra Wilshaw, 21-year-old, had shown no symptoms of depression before she was tragically discovered in March 2018 and her mother Carole Fowkes, 51-year-old, has now shared her despair at losing her only child.

Speaking to sources, her mother said: “We never knew there was anything wicked. She used to be perfectly fine when we talked to her over Facetime – I would ask her if anything was wrong and she would tell me that she was OK – she’d seem fortunate. You just wouldn’t have known – she kept it all to herself. There were no clues at all.”

Her Mother Carole said her daughter had struggled with tension before but said the young woman had appeared to be excited about the future while in her third year studying maths at university.

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Carole added: “She was really energetic, Alexandra was a bubbly and outgoing girl – she was actually quite loud and entertaining.

Following Alexandra’s death, Durham Castle Society has commenced an awareness campaign in her honor.

Durham Castle Society said: “Alexandra Scarlett Wilshaw was a young woman who experienced life with intensity, its highs and lows, and challenges. She tragically died last year by suicide.

“Alexandra studied maths at Durham University and was a member of University College.

“She inspired many through her blog, enlisted with Castle Community Action, engaged in the cheerleading squad, loved her parents and colleagues, and reached out to many.

“Last year, the College and Alexandra’s family established a fund in Alexandra’s name to help raise knowledge of stress, depression and the risk of suicide, and there are better ways to cope up with these problems.”

Since Alexandra’s death, her mother Carole has succeeded to raise funds in her daughter’s memory.

Carole told: “I’d request parents to be more vigilant and aware and make sure your children really are OK.

“Tragically it’s too late for Alex but we must all do what we can to highlight the growing mental health pressure among students and schoolchildren.”

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