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A Man Arrested For Throwing A Woman By Her Neck While She Was Holding A Baby

PACE, Fla. (WEAR) – A man who lives in Florida threw a woman holding a baby in a headlock.

The man is now arrested after Santa Rosa County, Florida deputies told he threw a woman by her neck while she was holding a baby.

According to the Oct. 6 report from the sheriff’s office, deputies were called to Seaport Road.

That’s where they discovered an eyewitness who informed deputies that 23-year-old Scott Powell had picked up a woman by her neck. The woman, the report states, was holding a baby at the time of the argument.

The report adds Powell then threw the woman who was still holding the baby.

Powell then grabbed the woman around the neck and dragged her to the floor, the report states.

Source: Local12.com

Another eyewitness informed to deputies that she viewed Powell put the woman in a headlock while she was still holding the child, according to the report.

The report adds Powell warned to choke the woman to death if anyone called 911.

The victim said to deputies that Powell had also smashed her phone, the report states. It adds Powell had been armed with a knife.

Powell was declared guilty and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, battery, and possession of a weapon.

He is being held in the Santa Rosa County Jail on no bond.

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