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A Terrible Father Shot His Wife In Front Of His Daughter After Posting It On Social Media

Ethan Reid, 23-year-old, killed his ex-girlfriend Kaylah Hodges, a 20-year-old, with a shotgun, while he was in front of their 7-month-old daughter at his mother’s residence in Scottsville, Kentucky. Moments before the shooting, Ethan Reid wrote an apology on social media, stating that he’s “a terrible person after all and was never meant to be happy.”

The Allen County Police Department said the pair whose 5 years old relationship just ended recently, got into a heated discussion before his ex-girlfriend Kaylah was fatally shot.

Ethan’s mother, April Riley, was carrying her granddaughter when Kaylah Hodges, who was living at the family’s house, was killed by her intoxicated son. Speaking about what happened, Ethan’s mother April stated:

Kaylah handed me the kid and got around me, and Ethan pushed me and the kid back and went after Kaylah. And then I heard a ‘pop’ and when I got to the edge of the corridor I saw her fall out the front door. That lovely baby has no parents.”

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