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Asteroid Warning: ‘God Of Chaos’ Apophis Is Heading Towards Earth, Might Cause Human Extinction If Hits!

An enormous asteroid coming towards near to Earth which has spread fear on social media as there are chances of a potential collision in 2029.

The asteroid hurtling towards earth is bigger than the Eiffel Tower and named Apophis, after the Egyptian “God of Chaos”.

It is on track to skim dangerously close to the earth, about 19,000 miles (31,000 km) above the Earth’s surface.

Nasa said that there are very fewer chances of Apophis will hit earth in the future.

NASA said in a statement: “Current forecasts reveal that Apophis still has a little chance of hitting Earth, less than 1 in 100,000 various decades from now.”

JPL astronomer Davide Farnocchia said in a blog post: “It is possible that there will be some surface changes, like small avalanches.”

News of the asteroid has caused a Twitterstorm with social media users over the world.

Some Twitter users expressed their fear of an impending collision between the asteroid and the earth.

Tweeter, Bislim Koci, said: “I am not kidding, this is my biggest fear. I got a lot of stress just reading that.”

One Twitter user stated: “I swear if an asteroid really hits the earth I will never let NASA hear the end of it.

“Not until they develop a defense actually capable of either destroying it or redirecting it.”

Many Twitter users Tweeted Space X CEO Elon musk with their ideas on how to protect the earth from asteroids, including giant lasers and nuclear bombs.

Suggestions arose after Mr. Musk tweeted about the “God of Chaos” and the need for asteroid defenses.

He said: “Great name! Wouldn’t bother about this singular one, but a big rock will hit Earth finally & we currently have no protection.”

Mr. Musk wanted to warn people about the hazards that come with monster asteroids.

Many Twitter users were in support of Mr. Musk’s concerns over asteroid safety.

@read4liberty tweeted: “So @Elon, what’s your plan? You seem to be the only one doing something about sustainable life these days.”

Mr. Musk suggests nuclear weapons should be set off on Mars to release its trapped carbon dioxide to make it habitable.

He Tweeted: “Not telling it solves everything, mind you, but it’s a move in the correct direction.”

Many Twitter users were in support of Mr. Musk’s plans to conquer Mars.

One Twitter user replied: “If we can move to Mars we can create a defense against this element. “If we have the time then it’s just about resources.”

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