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Father Shoots His Ex-Girlfriend And Their Two Children Before Taking His Life!

four people found dead after a father shot his two children and their mother, then himself.

Russell Cliburn fatally shot Krystle Easley, Emma Cliburn, and Kristo Cliburn on Saturday afternoon at a home on the east side of the city.

police have not confirmed the ages of the four but said Russell Cliburn and Easley – a  teacher for Lawton Public Schools – are the parents and the children were younger than 10.

The parents of Russell Cliburn witnessed the shooting, but are shaken and have not been able to provide a motive. However, Cliburn’s brother on Saturday claimed the shooter had been involved in an altercation which led to the shooting.

Justin C. Cliburn shared the incident on Facebook.‘ Today, my brother and his ex-girlfriend got into an argument at my parents’ house. We don’t know why, but it escalated and my brother snapped. He shot the ex-girlfriend, their two children, and himself,’  ‘We have no idea why. We’re heartbroken, angry, sorry, and confused. We’re angry he took away our niece, nephew, and grandchildren.’

Justin continued ‘We’re devastated for Krystle’s family. We’re sorry for what he did, even as we could do nothing to stop it,’. ‘We’re heartbroken to lose our brother and son, regardless of the circumstances. And we’re confused and in shock by it all. Please respect our family’s privacy, and refrain from liking, commenting, texting, etc. for right now.’

The sister of Easley bawled in a video obtained by KSWO as she revealed she learned about the loss of her sibling and nieces after her little brother called.

‘I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. I guess I don’t understand how a man can look his children in the face and take his children’s lives like that,’ Amanda Adams cried.

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