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Harry Hamlin talks About his Daughter Delilah Belle’s New BF & His Children’ Success — ‘I’m Really Proud’

Harry Hamlin explained his findings on his two daughters’ love life journey. 67 years old Harry Hamlin has numerous reasons to be proud of his daughters 21 years old Delilah Belle and 18 years Amelia Gray whom he experiences with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, 56!

If we talk about his first Reason to be proud — the Mad Men actor’s eldest daughter named Delilah has attained contentment with Love Island actor 24 years old Eyal Booker after first spreading talks of a romance thanks to their PDA at Coachella in April 2019. Harry confessed he’s “very much” an aficionado of his daughter’s new boyfriend, and even appended that the British heartthrob is a “great guy” while speaking in a group interview at The Creative Coalition’s Television Humanitarian Awards Gala on Sept. 21!

Harry only has one condition for guys that wish to date his two daughters. “As long as the boys they’re going out with are good guys, I’m fine with it, you know?” Harry revealed during the group interview at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills. Nevertheless, Harry explained “that’s not always the case” —Delilah affected on in her confessional theme about going to rehab twice for “terrible grief,” after soliciting support in Feb. 2018. Before treatment, though, the model explained in her Instagram posts that she was “trapped in a severely unhealthy relationship” that pushed her “over the edge.”

With Delilah now flourishing post-rehab and in a strong new relationship, Harry appended, “But right now, they all seem to be good. So I’m in a good mood about all.” And does Harry set these “good guys.”  “Well, the test of time is really what tells me whether they’re good or not,” the star confessed. “But you know, they’re learning. My kids are learning, you know.”

According to the source, love life journey aside, Harry couldn’t end flowing about how he’s “really proud” of his daughters in this recent social landscape! “Kids today have these amazing minefields that they have to navigate through, you know, social media and now this Juul thing is out there and everybody’s talking about the whole vaping thing that’s going on,” Harry explained.

“So, my kids have been able to face those head-on and have come out and really helped a lot of people by explaining how they’ve gotten through their journey and how they’ve dealt with those minefields,” Harry added. Admittedly, Delilah support numerous aficionados feel less solely after talking about her struggle with depression in 2018. Harry also shares an older son, Dimitri, 39, with previous Bond girl Ursula Andress, 83.

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