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Oak Hill Parents Arrested As 7-Week-Old Was Discovered Surviving With Broken Bones And Deadly Bruises

Two parents in Oak Hill are facing child abuse charges after a Seven-week-old baby was detected with some broken bones and multiple abrasions.

According to Police Deputies, on September 3, 2019, an officer, along with Beckley Police, responded to Raleigh General Hospital and were told that a seven-week-old newborn had appeared and was found to have broken bones. An attendant told police that the newborn had arrived at around 7:41 pm on September 3, with the parents stating the newborn was continuously crying with a swollen right leg. The parents told the nurse that the newborn woke up at 2 pm that evening, but they had no ride to ask medical attention at that time.

During the medical exam, an x-ray revealed that the infant had at least two rib fractures, a fracture of the right tibia and femur, and the newborn seemed to be malnourished. The newborn had numerous bruises that were prominent. The rib fractures appeared to be a few days old and appeared to be healing.

The next day, a conversation was directed between the parents at the Oak Hill Detachment. The father said that he believed the infant’s rib injuries came from him clutching the baby around the midsection out of frustration. The father further told police that while the newborn was napping on his chest, he rolled off the bed and grounded on top of the infant, which could have originated the broken leg. McClanahan informed police deputies that she had no notion her son had any damages and was not at home during the occurrence.

A doctor told police deputies that she discovered healing rib fractures of the left fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs, and right sixth, seventh, and eighth ribs. The doctor also stated that she saw metaphyseal fractures of the right proximal tibia and right distal femur and also assumed a potential left distal femur fracture. The doctor directed police that the injuries sustained to the newborn’s legs could not be sustained from the father falling on top of the baby. The doctor suggested that these types of fractures could have been caused by shaking the left, or shaking the baby while his legs were suspending. The doctor transcribed that the injuries likely happened around seven days earlier.

On September 5, police deputies told the father what the doctor had said to them and Father replied them he plausibly just rocked the newborn too hard.

McClanahan’s negligence to seek urgent medical attention for her kid caused the newborn avoidable pain.

McClanahan is charged with child negligence resulting in injury and is being detained in Southern Regional Jail under a 100,000 dollar bond.
The father of the newborn is a juvenile and charged with child negligence resulting in injury.

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