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Pennsylvania Groom Charged After Physically Assaulting His Fiancee’s Bridesmaid

A Pennsylvania groom has been charged with physically assaulting her fiancée’s bridesmaid from the bridal party two days before his wedding, according to Police Officials. The wedding event went on as prepared.
Daniel J. Carney purportedly assaulted a 29-year-old Oregon woman August 30 in a men’s locker room at the Shawnee Inn, Smithfield Township, according to the criminal complaint.
Daniel, 28-year-old, was apprehended a month later on October 3 and charged with involuntary deviate molestation of an unconscious person, simple assault and immoral assault, according to court reports. He was charged Monday in Marshalls Creek and settled on an unsecured $100,000 bail on the condition he does not have any communication with the victim, a court representative told sources. His lawyer, James Swetz, did not directly return an appeal for comment.

Source: Washington Post

The victim, who was in town for the September 1 wedding, reported state police that she had 3 beers and one or two vodka shots while on the river rafting trip with the wedding party with some other friends. According to the criminal complaint, the victim told she recollected being heavily inebriated and being set on a raft because she could not keep her place on a paddleboard.

That’s when her memory gets hazy, the victim said, and that other guest of the wedding party and friends told her what followed next the statement states.
She said she was “blacked out” and woke up minutes later to find her bikini bottoms had been removed and Daniel was on top of her, the accusation alleges.
The victim said Daniel’s then-fiancee walked into the locker room a brief time later and began yelling at him. The victim told police deputies that she was assisted out of the locker room by some other guest. Police deputies said that once the victim left the locker room, Daniel got into a physical confrontation with his fiancee outside.
The morning after the alleged physical assault, the victim told she discovered that Daniel had told guests that she “followed him” into the locker room.

The victim also said Daniel had called her the next morning and regretted it. Daniel pretended he did not know what transpired between the two, the victim said. The victim said she told Daniel that she felt “extremely upset and violated” and was looking to obtain surveillance footage from the inn.

On the same day, Daniel told Police that he was extremely drunk the night of the occurrence and he felt like she had “taken advantage” of him. Daniel later acknowledged that he clutched the victim’s arm and pulled the victim into the locker room.
A Police Deputies located surveillance recording from the Inn, which determined the victim was unstable on her feet and waving as the victim walked down the hallway when the incident occurred. The Police Deputies said Daniel turned around and pulled the woman into the locker room and about 20 minutes later, Daniel’s fiancee entered the room and Daniel left.
Daniel J. Carney is next hearing is due in court October 16.

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