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Teens Tried To Lure A Man For Physical Satisfaction, One Of Them Got Kidnapped!

A California teen was kidnapped after she and friends tried to lure a man for getting physical and then the sting went wrong.

The group of teenage girls used social media to contact an older man who allegedly was looking to get physical with underage girls.

The group exchanged texts with the man and eventually agreed to meet Sunday near a Starbucks in Vista. Once there, the man convinced a 17-year-old girl to get in his vehicle to talk then drove off with her in the car.

Robert Dreyfus, 32, faces felony charges of kidnapping and other related offenses.

The girl was able to text her friends who then contacted police. Sheriff’s deputies called Dreyfus, and the man then pulled over, the department said.

The girl fled, and authorities arrested Dreyfus shortly after.

The man and the teen did not appear to have a previous relationship outside of the texts exchanged. The girl was unharmed.

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