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17-Year-Old Frustrated Teen Dies After 911 Tells Caller To ‘Deal It On Themselves’

Everyone expects that if they call on 911, they will surely get help in return. The advice can save someone’s life. Somebody can be in a life and death situation.

But there is a very shocking incident, a teenage boy was shot and his friend call on 911 and the receiver denied to help the boy. He selfishly says ‘do it yourself’ which leads to his death.

During a house party in 2015, Jaydon Chavez-Silver was shot in the neck during a drive-by. The house was sprayed with bullets. A teenage girl then attempted to help him and called 911.

When Jaydon was struggling for his life and his friend urging him to stay with her, the girl spoke to a 911 receiver to ask for help.

But that selfish receiver just says something shocking and everything ended with no help being sent to Jaydon.

The girl, from Albuquerque, talked to former firefighter Matthew Sanchez and attempted to convey critical information.

Here is the whole conversation that took place between the girl and the 911 receiver.

Caller: I’m keeping him alive!

Sanchez: Okay, is he not breathing?

Caller: Barely! Take on more breath, one more breath…

There you go Jaydon. One more breath.

There you go Jaydon. Good job! Just stay with me, okay?

Okay? There you go, good job Jaydon!

Sanchez: Is he breathing?

Caller: He’s barely breathing! How many times do I have to f****** tell you?

Sanchez: Okay, you know what ma’am? You could deal with this yourself.

I’m not going to deal with this, okay?

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Caller: No, my friend is dying! I…

At this point, Matthew Sanchez disconnected the call.

All his friends then became helpless and Jason passed away in front of everyone.

Matthew Sanchez was placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation was carried out. He later resigned.

According to So Share This, the parents of Jaydon Chavez-Silver sued the city of Albuquerque, claiming Matthew Sanchez was negligent in hanging up.

This year on January 23, the city settled that lawsuit for $50,000.

Esias Madrid, 19, was discovered guilty of the first-degree murder of Jaydon Chavez-Silver and convicted to life imprisonment.

“You don’t know whether you should smile or cry, because our son’s still not here,” Jaydon’s father, Ronald Silver, said of the verdict. “And nothing will bring him back.”

Lloyd Chavez, Jaydon’s grandfather said in a statement, “Jaydon was beautiful inside and out.”

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We hope that no one should be ever treated like that. It can be a life and death situation for someone.

May Jaydon Chavez-Silver rest in peace.

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