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A Man Found Dead In Brooklyn Blaze Had Stab Injuries, Police Suspects It A Murder

The 64-year-old person was found lifeless after a Brooklyn house burning on Tuesday had multiple stab injuries, and police deputies are now examining his death as a murder.

Police deputies said Hugh Kirkland’s body was discovered after a fire broke out in the cellar of his home on East 96th Street in Brownsville at about 2:00 p.m. He was determined to have stab injuries to the chest.

The Investigation team said the cause of the fire is provocative, or deliberately set.

A different person was rescued from the blaze in serious condition but is expected to withstand.

Jason Watts, a good Samaritan, told he inhaled smoke and automatically began working to get everyone out of the building.

We went through the back, booted the door in and it was too much smoke,” Jason said. “We had to get out of there. But like, you know, one causality. Probably in there. That’s my buddy, Kirk. It bothered me to the heart. I live right next door. I was there. First hand, everything. Inhaled smoke, we called 911, they’re here. And you know how it fits. Kirk is in there though.

Currently, no arrests have been made, and an examination is still ongoing.

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