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Afghan Migrant Who Stabbed Ex-Girlfriend Committed Suicide In His Prison Cell!

Editor Content Warning: This article contains descriptive information about incidents surrounding brutality molesting and other criminal offenses. The content below can be disturbing and upsetting for some readers. We won’t recommend you to read the article if your age is less than 14 or you have severe problems which may cause a disturbance in your health conditions. We strictly do not promote this kind of heinous activities are just acting as a medium of information for people who should know this fact

An Afghan migrant Abdul Mobin D who murdered his 15-year-old German ex-girlfriend has been found hanged in his prison cell.

Due to German privacy laws was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison last September for stabbing former partner Mia V to death.

Prosecutors said his body was found at a juvenile prison in Schifferstadt early on Thursday, and it appears he had choked himself.

Abdul admitted stabbing his ex, identified only as Mia V, at a drugstore in the town of Kandel on December 27, 2017.

The attacker was overpowered by witnesses who restricted him until police officers arrived.

He acted out of jealousy after the girl broke up with him.

On the top of it, besides his nationality, apprehensions were raised about his age, which he said was 15 at the time of the crime.

Abdul arrived in the German state of Hesse in April 2016 as an abandoned refugee.

His request for asylum was rejected in February 2017 but he was not immediately deported.

Abdul and Mia V had reportedly had a relationship that lasted several months, but she broke up with him early December after he became ‘jealous and mean’.

Following the end of the relationship, Abdul reportedly stalked and threatened Mia V which saw her parents file a complaint, accusing the Afghan national of insults, threats, and intimidation.

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