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Arizona School Bus Driver Applying Brakes To Forcefully Slamming A 11-Year-Old To The Doors

Arizona school bus driver allegedly made an 11-year-old boy hit his head last week.

Mesa Public Schools officials called police on Jamie Tellez, 50, after discovering how the driver faces a trio of grade school boys on the bus on October 4.

Surveillance video of the event reveals one of the kids throwing a wad of paper towards a trash can at the front of the bus, but missing, sending Tellez into a rage. Then the driver began abusing the kids.

Then, Tellez slammed on the brakes strong enough to make an 11-year-old, one of two boys standing in the bus’s aisle, to fall into the vehicle’s dashboard.

The elementary schooler slammed his head on the windshield hard enough to put a large crack in it. Then Tellez took the boy with one hand and pushed him to the back of the bus.

‘Didn’t I tell you, this is what happens when you are standing in the g****** aisle?!’ the driver yelled. ‘It’s not my fault!’ the boy replied back.

‘It is your fault!’ answered Tellez, ‘because if you were behind a seat, then you wouldn’t be flying around the bus, would you?!’

Then Tellez turned back to the paper thrower. Later during the ride, Tellez vented more frustrations on the children. Tellez was detained and charged with child abuse, bullying or threatening, endangerment, and rash driving after the event.

Police told the driver later admitted to becoming irritated and overreacting.

The school district confirmed Tellez be terminated for the erratic behavior, but the final decision rests with the local school board set to meet on the matter on October 22, according to KPNX-TV.

School officials issued a statement stating ‘our first priority is the safety and security of our students.’

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