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Boyfriend Shook Six-Month-Old Baby In Anger Which Leads To his Death

A six-month-old baby was shaken to death by boyfriend, Jason Redgrave, who got angry when the baby began crying while he was sending sensual messages to another man.

The heartbroken mother, Karly, now 31, responds: “It’s sickening that anyone could harm a baby, and the pain of losing your child in this way is indescribable.

“Not a day passes by when I don’t remember about Ethan, and every week I take my two boys to view his grave, which they name ‘Ethan’s Garden’. They ask regarding him all the time, and if he’ll ever come back to play with them. It’s sad they’ll never meet but I’m happy they’re so interested. I want to have his memory alive.”

When Ethan was four months old in October 2011, Karly got a Facebook message from Jason Redgrave, then 24. She told that Jason and her just began chatting and decided to meet up.

The pair came into a relationship after a couple of months, but just two weeks later, Karly’s world fell apart on 17 December when Ethan apparently came ill while being babysat by Jason.

Karly put Ethan to bed before going out to a pub a five-minute walk from her house just after 8 pm. However just two hours later, Karly received a text from Jason, telling her to ring him immediately.

When Karly came just minutes later a first response paramedic had just got to the scene.

Ethan was brought to the hospital with Karly at his side and got to intensive care, where he underwent a CT scan.

Doctors then informed Karly that Ethan had experienced a critical bleed on his brain, suggesting if he did wake up he might never be capable to walk or talk. Tragically, there were nothing doctors could do to rescue Ethan.

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After an emotional christening ceremony in the hospital, Ethan’s life support was turned off and he died in his mother’s arms.

But before the heartbroken mother could bury her child, the body was taken away for a post-mortem to ascertain the reason for death.

Police soon realized Karly was innocent and suspected Jason, taking him in for questioning.

Tests revealed that Ethan had been shaken or hit on the head, and Jason was charged with murder.

The court was told he had been feeling acute annoyance, anger and irritation towards Ethan because the baby began crying while he was sending sensual text messages to another man.

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Redgrave was pronounced guilty of manslaughter and imprisoned to eight years, of which he completed four before being released in December 2015.

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