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Dad Warns Of Children Sleeping In Car Seats After He Lost His Son At Day Care!

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Anders and his sister, Linnea, were close to day one. In nearly every photo on Rachel Jungling’s Instagram account, the siblings are seen holding hands or reaching for one another.

Then suddenly, at the one-year mark, there are no new pictures.

a baby sitting in a chair: Twin babies Anders and Linnea Jungling are pictured together. Anders died after being allowed to sleep in his car seat.
Source: MSN

On January 12, Anders died after a daycare provider left him to nap in his car seat. He was still awake when he got dropped off.

“Rachel looked at Anders and said, ‘Bye buddy,’ and he kind of smiled back at her,” Ryne Jungling said. “He was awake but sleepy. And she left.”

An inquiry discovered that Anders died of positional asphyxia, which means his airway was cut off when his chin fell to his chest.

Now, the Junglings are working with Safe Kids Worldwide to turn their tragic loss into a warning for other parents.

When a car seat is attached to a base in a vehicle, it’s reclined at 45 degrees.

Lorrie Walker of Safe Kids Worldwide told TODAY Parents:

“That enables a baby to keep their head back and the airway open,” , Their little neck muscles aren’t developed enough for them to sit up for long periods of time, so that angle is very important.”

“If you take your baby into a restaurant, don’t just buckle the chest clip and think you’re good to go. The crotch strap is what keeps them from sliding forward, It’s also important to keep checking on them. A car seat is not a babysitter.”

The Junglings, who welcomed a son named Elias last week, miss Anders every single day.

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