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Did Liam Hemsworth Just Responded To Miley Cyrus’ New Relationship With Cody Simpson

Things that Miley Cyrus has been up to since her open split from Liam Hemsworth: composing a melody about said split, dating her companion Kaitlynn Carter, dating her companion Cody Simpson, and composing a few impeccable Twitter posts about how nothing from what was just mentioned is anybody’s matter of fact. Um, other than her tune, so feel free to stream “Slide Away” on Spotify, lol.

In the interim, Liam Hemsworth has been totally *crickets* since his split from Miley. Besides posting a brisk Instagram affirming their separation and requesting protection, our man has essentially avoided the spotlight, put something aside for whatever on earth this is:

Be that as it may, you’re likely considering what Liam thinks about Miley’s increasingly open life choices, and clearly, his mentality is completely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Us Weekly reports that Liam is “not pestering the past” and “holds no malevolence against” his ex, while a source claims, “He needs what’s best for her—regardless of whether it’s not him.” So develop, damn.

A Us Weekly source recently announced that Liam hasn’t dated anybody since saying a final farewell to Miley however is “available to meeting individuals.” Unclear if he’s on any dating applications, yet we would all be able to live in expectation!

In the meantime, things are going admirably among Miley and Cody, and I mean he composed an affection ballad about her and is by all accounts spending each waking minute serenading her on an acoustic guitar as well as being shirtless.

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