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iMyMac Duplicate Finder Help You Sort Out Your Duplicate File

Mac is a well-designed machine for it can facilitate both your work and life. It provides you with a good user experience through smooth performance. But with time goes by, your Mac system will be filled with lots of duplicate files, photos, and documents, which brings about the risk of your Mac running slow. Of course, you can just add an external drive to your Mac, or simply buy a larger cloud storage space to solve this issue for a while. However, in the long run, you can’t be satisfied without a considerable huge amount of storage space unless you delete those duplicate files, photos, and documents and etc. Instead of spending a lot of time on finding and deleting them, I recommend you a nice tool to help you do this automatically and efficiently, which is iMyMac Duplicate Finder.

Duplicate Finder is good at locating those duplicate files so that you can easily delete them. In this review, I’m going to introduce its key features and some useful functions that can help locate duplicate files on your Mac.

Part 1. iMyMac Duplicate Finder Key Features

iMyMac Duplicate Finder is designed to locate and remove duplicate files on your Mac. It scans and find files in the same size, and identify whether they are similar to each other in contents by a byte-to-byte comparison instead of the filename. Plus, it is a user-friendly app, which is characterized by its lining up all the duplicate files for you so that you can see accurate results. Here are some of its key features.

  1. Safe to Use

Is it safe to use? Definitely. It will neither invade your privacy nor do harm to your device. It is a totally green and safe application that is designed with users’ security taken into consideration.

  1.   Powerful Scan

Its powerful research is highlighted by two main points. One is that it scans quickly and efficiently. The other is that it identifies duplicate files by their contents, including their size, file type and the date the file was created, regardless of file name. With such powerful research, you don’t have to worry about leaving out some duplicate files.

  1. Selectively

This tool will show the duplicate files on your device, which means you can preview those files before you decide to remove them. It also makes it available for you to sort those files out on different categories such as size, time, etc. By this way, you can ensure everything is under your management and control.

  1.   Various File Type

As said, it can locate duplicate photos, files, videos as well as documents and etc. So, it can be called an all-in-one tool that can scan all the duplicate things on your Mac. With this tool alone, you don’t have to download other apps like similar photos finder or duplicate file finder. Duplicate Finder takes all your duplicate files in charge.

  1.   Efficient

It can not only perform the whole scanning process quickly but also do it perfectly. As explained, it locates duplicate files by their contents regardless of just file name, which means it can identify duplicate files that have a different name while similar in contents. This feature highlights Duplicate Finder’s intelligence and difference from other duplicate finders in the market. So, this is also where this toll is distinguished from other similar tools and one of the main reasons why I choose it.

  1. Free to Try

You can try this tool free for the first 500MB data. This feature is important for it ensures that you buy this tool rationally and worthily. If you cannot make a decision after reading this review you can go to download it for a free trial. Only when you try it yourself can you realize how powerful this tool is and how worthy it is for you to pay for. With this scanning everything on your Mac, you will find your Mac’s function optimized a great deal after the deletion of duplicate files.

Part 2. Other Useful Functions

  1.   Find Duplicate Documents

As people tend to use Mac more and more, when you work on your Mac for years, you will find it loaded with many duplicate files. We often forget we already download certain files for we place files randomly. There are only a few people who keep their files organized well for long. Most people, like me, have many duplicate files on Mac. So, Duplicate Finder is a tool to help the lazy out of such a mess. It is an intelligent housekeeper of your Mac who helps keep your Mac orderly.

  1. Find Duplicate Media

Do you often use your Mac to listen to music or watch videos? I believe most people do for it does feel so good to listen beautiful music after busy work and watch a nice movie on a sunny afternoon. Aside from insane movie and music lovers, just one copy of each video and track may be enough for most people. But we often download the same music and movies by mistake. And those copies take up huge disk space. Therefore, to make your Mac faster, you need this tool to free up storage space on your device.

  1.   Find Duplicate Images

Are you a professional photographer or just a photography lover who are crazy at taking photos of everything and often taking a large amount of the same photos of the same thing just to pick the best one? Then this tool is definitely useful for you. With cameras in people’s smartphones taking over their lives, it is easy and convenient for people to take pictures of every memorable things. People in this age love capture every moment in daily life by taking photos with just one click, which results in the issue that many people are troubled by deleting hundreds and thousands of similar photos on their devices. This is just where Duplicate Finder can make a difference. It helps users scanning duplicate photos quickly and efficiently so as to free up storage space for them to store more valuable photos.

Part 3. Conclusion

With various kinds of methods to share and store files today, it can be inevitable for people to download many duplicate files which can waste hard disk storage. Then it won’t take long for your Mac to slow down with those duplicate files loaded. One day, you must have to struggle with the “disk almost full” pop-ups. So, tools like Duplicate Finder can help detect duplicate files quickly and efficiently to avoid you from spending a whole day on sorting them out. With iMyMac Duplicate Finder removing those files, you can enjoy a faster Mac.

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