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Marvel’s She Hulk Show Plans To Introduce The Red Hulk In The MCU

So, it was recently revealed at an event that Marvel is making a She-Hulk show which will release on Disney+. We might have some exciting news for you. So, without wasting any more time let’s break it down.

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So, according to comics, Thunderbolt Ross is the Red Hulk. From recent rumors and leaks, we will see Ross in the post-credit scene of Black Widow. He comes to Yelena Belova and Black Widow to recruit them for Thunderbolts. It’s like a smaller version of Avengers or like Teen Titans in the DC Universe. So, technically Marvel does not fully own the rights to Hulk so they cannot release a solo movie for that character. So, in the MCU Marvel has never released a solo Hulk movie. So, luckily Disney found a way and planned to release a TV Show as that is not there in the contract. So, in the She-Hulk show, we would also get a glimpse of Thunderbolt Ross as the Red Hulk. He is kind of an anti-hero so he might be one of the villains on the show who would change sides in the end.

So, this is what we have so far on Thunderbolt and She-Hulk. Stay tuned for more updates, and write down in the comments below if you are excited to see Red Hulk in the MCU and let me know how excited you are for Black Widow.

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