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Siblings Discovered Hanged Together In Basement, Now Police Searching Dog Who Can Help To Find Cause Of Death

A girl and her brother have been discovered hanged in the basement of their home together when their mum noticed them unresponsive last month.

Cops have started an inquiry into Conner, 8, and Brinley Snyder, 4, deaths that occurred in their house in Albany Township, Pennsylvania.

Paramedics struggled tirelessly to reviving the children while on the way to the hospital.

Once they had come, they were put on life support, however, tragically died three days later.

Police are now examining what is the cause of the horrific incident after the children’s mum Lisa Snyder, 36, discovered them unresponsive.

Investigators have registered search warrants to analyze Connor Snyder’s Xbox video game console, a mobile phone, two iPads, and a laptop.

The warrant states: “The eight-year-old victim is known to play video games and view various internet websites utilizing the X-Box gaming console.”

The warrant also states that investigators are hunting for a husky pitbull dog that utilized to live at the home, after taking an item related to the pet as a key piece of evidence.

The children’s mother, Lisa Rachelle Snyder, 36, described to officers the dog was kept outside the home while connected to a plastic-coated wire.

In the warrant, the details of the dog are also mentioned and it can help in determining the cause of the death of the sibling.

The warrant stated: “Determining the dog’s actual weight and size utilizing a scale will help in the criminal investigation.

“All of this is significant to the criminal investigation and reconstruction of the events surrounding this incident.”

The mother has reportedly given the dog away in the memory of her children’s deaths.

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