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Spider-man 3 Dark Plot Leak Revealed

Now that the Disney and Sony deal has happened, Spiderman is there in the MCU for 2 more films. Marvel has already revealed a release date for Spiderman 3 and is working on the story right now. We might have some new exciting leaks for you. So, let’s break it down.


So, there have been a lot of rumors that Chameleon will be the main villain for Spider-man 3. So, we remember that Mysterio revealed Peter Parker’s identity to the world that he is Spider-man. So, already we see that Peter is devastated by this attack and now Chameleon. Chameleon is kind of another version of Mystique from X-Men, or you can say is a shapeshifter. So obviously when Chameleon sees a person, he can steal their identity. So, we can say that he is going to play a lot of mind games with Peter Parker as he might also steal his identity and do some bad things. Already Spider-man looks like a villain to the city of New York as Mysterio showed himself as the hero who saved everybody and Spiderman as the person who wanted to kill everyone. So, we might even see Peter Parker at his lowest when no one would believe him and everyone will think of him as a bad guy.

So, this is just the first draft and is very much subject to change. We are still not sure whether Chameleon is the main villain for the movie or is one of the villains in the movie. Marvel is also planning to introduce the Sinister Six. We might even see Norman Osborn who might introduce us to Sinister Six.

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